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Previous 2016 Event Reports from Steve Hoyle 2E0YYK

May 2016

A bit of a late start this year with activities, we kicked off with a Field Day at Snowball Plantation at Stockton on the Forest. This was not my brainchild but the brainchild of a gentleman called Joe Armstrong from Illinois in America. He runs a Facebook group called ‘Field Radio for Licensed Radio Hams’ which I personally think is one of the best Amateur Radio groups on Facebook, I have been a member almost since its inception in March 2015, there are now well over 2000 members to this group worldwide. This Field Day was not a contest, the object was to contact as many members of the Field Radio group in a 24 hour period from 00:00 UTC to 23:59 UTC on the 28th of May.

I organised camping at Snowball Plantation from the Friday to the Sunday, I think it went well with all who attended, some camped and some didn’t, these were Adam, Alex, Allan, Arthur, Ben, Bob, Gareth, Gary, Jago, Kris, Lucy, Rupert, Tim, Tony & myself.

We made 51 contacts in the 24 hour period, of these 6 were Field Radio members.

On the Saturday morning we had bacon butties and a BBQ in the late afternoon.


June 2016

Kris and I shared the cost of a Spider beam 5 band antenna last year, assembly of this was completed on the 30th of July, thanks to Adam, Tim, Bob, Kris, Gareth & Tony for their help on that day. I understand that the antenna works really well.

August 2016

August saw the start of our shack refurbishment with painting on Saturday the 13th, Lucy made a sterling job of first cleaning the room then Ben & Tim moved in and made an excellent job of painting the room, others who gave up their time to help move furniture etc. were Adam, Arthur, Gareth, Jago, Tony & Kris.

September 2016

The 4th of September saw our trip to Bletchley Park, the home of the Enigma machine and the WWII code breakers, an interesting and informative day out, members attending were Adam, Arthur, Gary, Jago, Kris and myself.


The 10th & 11th of September we had another ‘Field Weekend’ at the farm on Stockton Lane, Tim, Matt, Bob & Adam camped overnight and a few others namely Gareth, Tony, Alex and myself popped in during the day on Saturday.

On the 29th of September the new cupboards were delivered to Bishopthorpe Club, I was ably assisted by Matt & Bob with offloading them.


October 2016

30th of September & 1st of October was the Newark ‘Hamfest’.


On the 15th of October we descended on Copmanthorpe to the Scout Hall for the annual JOTA event (Jamboree on the air) with the Cubs & Scouts, thanks to Kris, Sue, Tony, Gareth, Bob, Matt, Arthur, John (G4FUO), Jago & Emily (Jago’s daughter) and Barry for helping at the Scout Hall, also to John (G0TXY), Alex & Tim for their help ‘on air’. I would like to especially thank Emily for getting up early to come and help, also to Matt who not only came to Copmanthorpe to help set up the station for JOTA but then went to Bishopthorpe to start the electrical installation at the shack and to Gareth for organising the Special Event Call Sign for the event GB4CSG. Unfortunately the event didn’t gift us with any overseas contacts with other JOTA stations owing to the unreliability of HF, however the young people were kept occupied chatting on VHF at a local level with John (G0TXY), Alex (G0WUY), Tim (2E0ZZR) and Sue (M6SUH).


The 22nd of October was the Rishworth Rally, Gareth, Arthur, Kris, Matt, Adam, Tim & myself attended.


The 29th of October, I just managed to squeeze in another event before the clocks returned to UTC for the winter and the dark nights were once more upon us, this was a trip to the


Yorkshire Air Museum at Elvington with lunch in the NAAFI, We met at 10.00am Arthur, Keith, Ben and Julie and myself, I think those who went enjoyed the day. We got to chat to the guys (Terry, Ken, Walter & Ian) who run the ham shack in the control tower, call sign GB3YAM.



November 2016

Saturday 12th November 2016 - IFRE2 (International Field Radio Event No.2) this will take place at the Wayram Picnic Site just off the A166. Meet for breakfast 8.00am at Sainsbury’s Café on Monks Cross then up to the picnic area, the intention is to pack up at about 3.00pm while we still have daylight. Like the first IFRE in May, the intention is to talk to as many ‘Field Radio’ members as possible. Please sign up on Facebook




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